“So you awaken in an old house somewhere in the heart of Serbia. You go to the kitchen, and your hosts appear carrying a rare sight: cherry slatko, an ice-cold glass of water and a small glass of homemade brandy. 

This is how you start your day in Serbia…and, lo and behold

! Those same cherries, those shiny spheres serves with such love, gleaming in the tiny glass bowl— they instantly wash away the bitter taste of failure and futility from your tongue….bringing with them the long-lost taste of blessed closeness and kindness.”

Momo Kapor

Serbian “slatko”, a thin fruit preserve, is traditionally served to guests as an expression of affection and warm welcomes. It’s served on a tray with two small, glass bowls- one containing slatko made from lighter-colored, larger fruits, the other from smaller and darker ones. A good combination would be quince slatko in one bowl,  with cherry or forrest fruit slatko in the other.

The practice of serving the slatko with a glass of ice-cold water, followed by coffee and brandy, remained popular in Serbian cities until the middle of the 20th century. Even members of the royal family were known to prepare this sweet treat.

These days, slatko is back in fashion, both as a delicacy and a wonderful custom.